5 Ways to Stay Fit at Home

In today’s world, we’re in a constant state of rushing and we hardly get time to focus on our health and fitness. Many of us do not get the time to go to a gym or a fitness class and some of us are stuck in desk jobs that don’t allow much physical movement. Therefore, it’s crucial to bring in some easy and doable forms of workout that help us stay healthy physically, and most importantly mentally.

Let’s go through 5 home remedies to improve our fitness level that don’t require a gym, trainer or any equipment.

  • Yoga

This is an old and tried & tested way of keeping ourselves fit and all we need is a soft surface and dedication. Yoga identifies certain body parts that must be moved daily to avoid fatigue and illness. These are the neck, hands, hips, spine and feet. Doing Suryanamaskars (sun salutations) is the complete workout for all these body parts and doing about ten rounds is enough to keep the body agile and the mind alert.

  • Meditation

Keeping the most powerful organ in the body, the mind, healthy is essential for our well being. Meditation is exercise for the mind that helps to keep us calm, alert and happy. Just like Yoga, it does not require any equipment or teacher, just a quiet corner in the house and a calm mind.

  • Set small fitness goals

When you’re not going to the gym or setting out time specifically for a workout, you can still plan for opportunities to move your body at home. Setting small benchmarks for yourself that can be done at home is a good way to be methodical about your home workouts. You can include goals like climbing ten storeys or get a pedometer and aim to walk at least five thousand steps around your home. You can keep a good check on your diet and add alarms on your phone to drink water. Doing the dishes or making your bed should be in your list of activities to be done and one can actually use household items to workout. For example, using the sofa corner to do hand push ups or a table for leg stretches. There’s a gym waiting for you and you don’t have to go out for that, it’s in your own home!

  • Drink more liquids

No, I don’t mean more Coca Cola or whisky on the rocks. Water is the ultimate hydrant and it constitutes 70% of our body. Dehydration is one of the major causes of physical illness and there are so many ways to make drinking water more interesting. Making a lime and cucumber mixture with water as well as using a honey and apple mixture are popular ways to turn normal water into tasty mock tail drinks. The more we workout, the more water we crave, so it’s a wonderful and healthy cycle to maintain.

  • Keep Moving

Seems obvious, but is it? Set a rule for yourself; you have to move around in every half an hour. Sitting for long causes lethargy and laziness. Even if it is just to open the door or fetch water or go to the washroom, move more and do so with enthusiasm. Take those stairs and randomly do two suryanamaskars in your cabin. Cook your own food or play with your children/ pets. The small things add up more than an hour’s workout at the gym.

So there you go! These were some tips that are very easy to understand and even simpler to do. No equipment, no trainer and no holes in the wallet! Following these simple tips can make a hell of a difference!


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