Namaste and welcome!

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Yoga isn’t just twisting the body or calming the mind, it is the complete art of living that teaches us the most optimal way to sit, eat, breathe, think, walk, work, act and live. After logical reasoning and extensive experimentation across different cultures, religions and belief systems, Yoga emerges as a logically sound way of life that disciplines the body, mind and senses through willpower in order to answer all the existential questions that have bewildered humanity. If we’re mindful about our lives and seek the real treasures of fulfillment, the eight stages of Yoga are designed to take the seeker from Kardashian to Krishna, illusion to truth and from sin to salvation.

This is not a book of rules to follow blindly, every step can be logically questioned and answered with adept experimentation. Being a godless way of life that rejects the act of believing irrationally and compels the seeker to take charge of his/her own life to unfold his/her own truth, Yoga is closer to our authentic selves and forces us to forage for our primal being that is underneath societal notions and personal illusions. Needless to say, we can all adopt it into our lives irrespective of our origin/ culture or religion.

Having realized this truth, we passionately strive to unfold the mysteries of this existence, practice Yoga, meditation and inspire others to find happiness, bliss, peace and ecstasy with each passing day. We do not follow any one particular religion or scripture and most of our content is based on our authentic and logical observations and intense study on the subject. We’re confident based on first hand experiences that these principles, when examined properly and practiced mindfully can bring a complete change into our lives and enable us to be the creators of our own experiences. So, we advise you to roll out your yoga mats, sit comfortably, close your eyes and let the rest happen on its own. Thank you for joining us in our quest towards salvation and we wholeheartedly welcome you to this inward journey that is stranger than fiction and fancier than a fairy tale.

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