The Ultimate Home-made solution for Stomach issues

It may be something you ate or didn’t eat but we’ve all been through stomach issues and days when the stomach seems to reject all our favorite dishes. Without exception, every person has experienced indigestion, gastric issues or stomach pains due to harmful food intake, physical exertion or no reason for that matter. Instead of popping a pill, isn’t it better to have a more refreshing, natural and economic way to solve such health problems?

We often underestimate the power of natural substances in our homes but our body recognizes its effects. Here’s a completely healthy way to cure most stomach problems (yes, most!) by using a home-made mixture of powerful ingredients. It takes no time to do this and almost always works. Most importantly, this isn’t something I learnt from an old, battered book about Ayurveda, but from my own grandmother. Needless to say, I speak out of a first hand experience and I’ve managed to solve countless tummy issues of mine by drinking this simple mix of ingredients.


Home-made “Amrit Dhaara”




Thymol flower (Ajwain ka Phool)

ka phool

Camphor (Kapur)




Directions to make Amrit Dhaara:

Take equal amounts of peppermint, thymol flowers and camphor and mix them well. Gather the mixture in a small bottle and shake lightly. Take another vessel and add 2 tablespoons of water in it. Take the 3-ingredient-mixture and add ten drops of it into the water. Stir it well and store in a cool place.

Directions for consuming Amrit Dhaara:

Fill a glass half way with water and add five drops of the mix made above. Adding more can be too much for some people and simply drinking 5 drops in water will show immediate results.

You’ll feel a cool sensation in your stomach after drinking this and if you’ve got gastric issues, you’ll burp for the next ten minutes in order to eliminate excess air in the body. Indigestion pains will be eased and the stomach will be in a calm and inactive mode for a while. It’s best to wait for half an hour before eating or drinking anything and this home-made mixture can be consumed at any time of the day. So there we go, a harmless, natural and healthy way of getting rid of stomach pains, gastritis and indigestion!


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